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Wolseley Blades are made from the highest quality steel making them hard wearing and long lasting as they can be re-sharpened repeatedly. Their quality shows in their professional finish.

Clipping Blades Clipping height Recommended use
Blade Fine/Surgical/A2F Blades 2 mm


Freeze branding

Medium/A2 Blades Medium/A2 Blades 2-3 mm Horse and clean cattle
Coarse/A6 Blades Coarse/A6 Blades 3-4 mm

Horses with thick coat


Extra Coarse/A7 Blades Extra Coarse/A7 Blades 3-4 mm Cattle
Shearing Blades Clipping height Recommended use
Combi-Cleaning Blades Combi-Cleaning Blades 2-3 mm Clean show cattle
Shearing Blades/A5 Shearing Blades/A5 4-5 mm

Sheep shearing

Dagging and dirty cattle