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The Merlin is a reliable hard-wearing battery clipper suitable for clipping horses and for tidying up all other large animals. It can be used in any location being equally at home in the stable or farm yard. It is a quality battery clipper designed to reduce noise and vibration levels making it ideal to clip nervous animals.

General features

  • Clipping time 2 hours
  • Ease to use new blade tensioning system
  • Alternative spring included for customers preferring to use the traditional tensioning method
  • Re-charging time 2 hours
  • Optional choice of blades, A102 blades (medium), A106 blades (coarse) and A107 blades (extra-coarse)
  • Supplied in a strong, red storage case with a set of blades, a clipper brush and a 200 ml aerosol of Wolseley clipper oil
  • Two year warranty


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Merlin Clipper


Motor: Rated 100 watt

Weight: 1.145kg

Grip: 49mm

Blade speed 2200rpm

Voltage: 7.2 volts DC

Battery: NiMH 3000 mAh

Clipping time: 2 hours

Recharging time: 2hours