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Shear genius
  1. Cattle
  2. Sheep

With its long standing reputation for being tough, powerful and reliable the Shear Genius is a popular choice amongst farmers. The 325 watt heavy duty motor enables the clipper to effortlessly shear sheep and prepare even the dirtiest cattle for sale.

General features

  • Mains clipper
  • Internal motor overload switch to protect the clippers from damage (easy to reset)
  • Air cooled motor which assists the cool running of the clippers
  • Ventilated head to help prevent the blades from getting uncomfortably hot for your animal when clipping
  • Air baffle to keep the loose hair away from your face during clipping
  • Easily removable and washable air filters for ease of maintenance
  • Supplied in a robust case with a set of A5 blades, a spanner,
    a clipper brush and a 100 ml bottle of Wolseley clipper oil
  • Two year warranty
Shear Genius Clipper


Motor: 325 watt

Weight: 1.6kg

Grip: 54mm

Blade speed: 2200rpm

Voltage: 220/240 volts