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  1. Horse

The Swift is recognised as one of the leading clippers for small to medium equine users but it is also very popular with professionals who clip regularly, such as the Royal Household Cavalry. It is quiet, light and easy to handle and, as with all Wolseley clippers, it has an outstanding reputation for reliability. After 20 years it is still our best seller.

The Swift has an ergonomically designed head to minimise tiredness from clipping. This special feature also facilitates clipping difficult places such as around the horse’s head and between the legs. The clipper head is made from reinforced moulded plastic which makes it exceptionally quiet and light.

General features

  • Mains clipper
  • Ease to use new blade tensioning system
  • Alternative spring included for customers preferring to use the traditional tensioning method
  • Internal motor overload switch to protect the clippers from damage (easy to reset)
  • Air cooled motor which assists the cool running of the clippers
  • Ventilated head to help prevent the blades from getting uncomfortably hot for your animal when clipping
  • Air baffle to keep the loose hair away from your face during clipping
  • Easily removable and washable air filters for ease of maintenance
  • Optional choice of blades, A2 blades (medium), A6 blades (coarse) and A7 blades (extra-coarse)
  • Supplied in a strong red storage case with a set of blades, a clipper brush and a 200 ml aerosol of Wolseley clipper oil
  • Two year warranty
Swift Clipper


Motor: 90 watt

Weight: 1.2 kg

Grip: 51 mm

Blade speed: 2200 rpm

Voltage: 220/240 volts