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Frequent Clipping Questions

My blades won’t cut

  • Remove them and clean them as there may be hair between the blades.
  • They may be blunt and need replacing with a sharp set.
  • The tension might be too slack – to correctly tension consult clipper Instruction Manual available as a download, or see below.
  • If there are lines showing on your horse you may not be overlapping adequately or there may be teeth missing from your blades.

My clippers won’t start

Mains Clippers

  • Check to see if the fuse has blown.
  • Check if either the motor overload button has popped out or the internal motor overload switch has tripped.
  • Check any extension leads being used.
  • Check your mains cable for any damage.

Battery Clippers

  • Check your battery or battery pack is fully charged.
  • Check the connection between the battery pack and the clipper is firmly inserted.

My machine is getting too hot

  • Check the tensioning of the blades – if it is too tight the blades will run hot.
  • Check that the air vents are free from obstruction (mains clippers only). If the air filters are dirty remove and clean them. For instructions on removing air filters see below.
  • Ensure that the blades are properly oiled with the correct type of oil.



Tensioning the Clipper Blades

Your Wolseley clipper will arrive with the clipper blades on. To tension them correctly:

  • Turn on the clipper.
  • Adjust the tension by turning the tension nut clockwise until you feel it start to tighten (see fig.1). You will hear the motor begin to strain.
  • Loosen the blades by turning the tension nut anti-clockwise (approximately ½ turn) until you feel the blades loosen (see fig.2).
  • You will hear the motor begin to run freely.
  • Use the marker on the tension nut for a guide.
  • You are now ready to clip.
  • You may need to adjust the tensioning whilst clipping if the blades become worn or if you are clipping a thick or dirty coat. Do this by turning the tension nut anti-clockwise ¼ turn each time until the blades start to clip properly again.
  • It is important to correctly tension your clipper blades. If they are too loose they will not clip properly or they will clog. If they are too tight the blades will become blunt and may cause overheating.
  • Please note as a general rule the least tension you can use to clip the better.

fig. 1 turn tension nut clockwise until tight

fig. 2 turn the tension nut anti-clockwise until it loosens (approx 1/2 turn

Air filter

The air filter is positioned at the side or rear of your mains clipper depending on the model. (Note: Battery clippers do not have air filters). During clipping it is important that you keep the air filter clear by frequently brushing off any loose hair to stop the clipper motor from overheating. Once you have finished clipping, the air filter should be removed and cleaned by washing it in warm soapy water. Remove the filter by sliding it down away from the clipper.